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Importance of Play in Children free essay sample

In the life of an infant there are many important for the healthy development and learning, however there are many variations on how to learn and develop, by the influence exercised in the future environment. Among all variations which may be mentioned one of utmost importance is the game for all the benefits that entails. Play is where the child occupies most of their time, encouragement and the acquisition of a full development in areas that would not be achieved otherwise. Supplementing play time to the early years of the child is of paramount importance, because this way they create emotional ties to the person who accompanies him on his playing time. The development of both cognitive and psychomotor also is achieved with the help of the game. Most of the game has as main focus to educate, is a method used as therapy for childrens learning. Play helps a child not only to entertain also a way to communicate, according to a recent report articulo. We will write a custom essay sample on Importance of Play in Children or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page org (2011) is the natural way they have to communicate. Experiencing the environment will give them the ability to develop imagination, reality reflect and change his game. The importance of play in the lives of children in the first months, where everything is at your fingertips in a toy including his own body, his hands and feet. The game is to educate the child from his first moves; early education positively reinforces the childs development. The child is born with the need to learn everything during their life cycle, because they only know how to eat and mourn. The babies need to play is constant, however the games for baby stimulation should be used with caution always thinking age. The game is directly tied to the limitations of the baby, example would be when he considers the baby babbling and playing with bubbles of saliva while moving his limbs, has cognitive as well as psychomotor limitations. The development will be giving as time passes, because anger having more movement and coordination to reach other levels of play. The use of sensory play helps child development, games where touch, vision and hearing play a central role. The game that touch help to develop a greater capacity, due to the different textures of toys, squeeze toys, direct contact with the environment, but also help the childs hearing and vision. The motivation to child through auditory stimuli, help in its development, the ability to identify auditory stimuli while playing will help in their development. The visual stimuli used in games such as colors, shapes of animals will be of great help to the babys cognitive development. The dedication of the adults to play with their children is essential for the development and utility you may have. The toys are inanimate objects until someone uses them and gives them life in the middle of the game for one of many reasons for parents to become involved in their childrens development through play. Children and the game is tied, will be the basis to prepare individuals to be productive in adulthood. The game is and will be an essential part of child development, support generated by the game in different areas of the child is more than enough reason to consider it very important. The importance of parents to be part of the game, but you have to be strengthened day by day involvement. The benefits of play are but the consequences it may have on the child and child development will be very helpful in their life cycle. INFLUENCE OF GROUPS IN CHILDREN. Humans learn socialization through peer groups share which have an important role in the development during early childhood. The mom and dad influence helps to add the basic values that are the foundation, but the influence of a peer group is extremely strong in the childs upbringing. Children socialize with their peers without being totally controlled by the power of their parents, and are free to socialize and be influenced by the group. The need felt by children of recognition and acceptance by others in your group. According to Sharon Powell (2009), the Leadership Training Center Princeton in his research found that peer acceptance influences the sense of security, the perception of the importance and independence in decision-making. Powell also noted in his research that supports the theory that happiness and adjustment of children, depends largely on the development of relations of the group they belong at specified times. The realization of the positive or negative influence on a child should be identified as soon as possible, however positive pressure monitored groups can be of great help to the child. A negative group can lead to bad behaviors, which the group perceives as acceptable. Negative influences in children compared with positive influences, you could tell from the breeding sites each child, the disproportionate percentages of conduct against misconduct in many cases leading to criminal situations. The negative orientation of the group is an important moderator of conduct between the influence and values established by the company, which is reflected in the childs life during adolescence and adulthood. Imitation and realization among children is an element of similar behaviors, so the importance of specific lifestyle takes, such as games. Keeping children engaged in sports, academic, religious and other child would influence the direction to follow rules and be a productive part of society. The reality is that the groups are very important in children, but if they are unable to focus groups with pre-set goals, like-minded baseball teams overseas camps, that will keep the child focused on the ultimate prize. The groups have an important role in child development and should not be avoided by thinking of the negative influence which may represent the child. Socialization is very important in the development of the child, meet new friends, independence from parents in times of play, teamwork, and many other benefits that this brings. Acceptance of the groups and maintaining a monitoring group to which the child belongs is of utmost importance, however the successful development of the child to share with their peers will be paramount in making a choice for the father to allow or not group sharing. REFERENCES (2011) articulo. org (2009) Powell, Sharon http://www. princetonleadership. org

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